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Radio Show: Jack Benny vs. Quiz Kids

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Ben Dooley of Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Old Time RadioThose Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Old Time Radio Recreations Troop presents “Jack Benny vs. The Quiz Kids” at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 4, at the Oak Park Arms retirement community, 408 S. Oak Park Ave.

“The Quiz Kids” was a popular radio program of the 1940s that featured real kids of all ages answering questions sent in by listeners. Young people from age six to 16 were selected to appear on the program because of their high IQ, high academic interests, and engaging personalities. The show ran on the radio for 13 years and then switched to TV until 1956.

Several of the children lasted quite a long time on the show and became minor celebrities such as Gerard Darrow and Joel Kupperman.

It was only natural that Jack Benny would pose as a grade school child and appear on the show to win that money. He did just that on April 10, 1941 and competed alongside four of Chicago’s smartest children. Benny lost.

Five years later, on May 12, 1946, Jack sought his revenge and pitted a new group of Quiz Kids against his own team of Phil Harris, Mary Livingston, and Dennis Day, in a head-to-head competition to finally determine who was smarter: “the Quiz Kids” or “the Benny Kids.”

Let the games begin!

The public is invited to the free presentation. A reception with coffee and cookies follows the performance.

About Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

The free radio recreation shows are very popular with Oak Park Arms’ residents and people from the community. Some guests bring their children and grandchildren to show them what entertainment was like before television.

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear features actors and voice over artists who share a common interest – performing old time radio programs for the community. Actors and technicians donate talent and time.

Sound effects were an important part of live radio shows, and the group performs them live. They have a real door for slamming, doorbells, buzzers, a sound board and shoes for footsteps.

The Oak Park Arms is a rental retirement community which provides independent and assisted living apartments and a full schedule of activities and services. Furnished apartments are also available for a short-term stay – a weekend, a week, a month or longer.

The radio shows are free and open to the public. For more information call 708-386-4040.