Oak Park Arms


Oak Park Arms

Here are a few testimonials and reviews from residents and family members about their personal experiences at the Oak Park Arms Retirement Community.

  • I can’t possibly express in words the deep gratitude I have for all the care, generosity, kindness, comfort, information, advice and so much more that you all gave to my father, me, my brother and rest of my family over the last few years. You made it possible for my father to retain his dignity and his sense of self trough a battle with Alzheimer’s Disease and unfortunately his death. I will always be grateful for your professionalism and compassion. You made a very difficult time with many difficult choices much more graceful then it could have been. Never doubt for a moment that what you do is not deeply important.Mary D. – Forest Park, Illinois
  • I am writing to advise you of our experience at your Adult Day Care Department, beginning with Pat Koko encouraging me to enroll Patsy in this wonderful program. Until two months ago, I was under the impression I was the only one who could care for my wife. I learned early on from Marzena, the smiling, open arms greeting each morning from Veronica and the loving care given by her and Danielle that I was, indeed, wrong. All of your staff were terrific and Patsy had a superb experience at your facility.Jack Kernan – Norridge, Illinois
  • I would like to thank the staff at the Oak Park Arms for providing such a fine living experience for my brother. When he moved into the Arms, he had some misgivings about leaving his own condominium, but these misgivings disappeared quickly as he started to refer to the Arms as home.  A large part of the credit should be given to the staff at the Arms who always seem to have a smile and a concern for the well being of all of the residents. Also, the food and cleanliness contribute to a very enjoyable environment.Rick Neuman – Texas originally from Oak Park
  • This is a note of gratitude to the Oak Park Arms. I was in rehab at Gottlieb Hospital for three weeks, and the staff recommended that I come to assisted living at the Oak Park Arms. I would have liked to go home, but because of my oxygen and everything else they thought it would be better if I came here. Also I have stairs in my home, and I just can’t make it around the house like I used to. I really have been satisfied with my stay at the Oak Park Arms. I would like to thank everyone here for taking care of all my needs. Everyone has been real nice. Thank you to all the help Lena has been in the morning. The staff here bring me my paper every day. Karen and Felicia are always real nice when they take my order and bring my meals. The soup is delicious and hot and every meal has been good. I feel like I am safe here. Jill and Judy have been nice to me. Whenever I need something they are right there to help me. I am just so grateful to be at the Oak Park Arms, and everything is working out very well. Thank you for your kindness and for helping me with the things that I need help with.Thomas Goosens – Elmwood Park, Illinois
  • My first experience with the Oak Park Arms was the day I walked through the front doors with my dad looking for a new home. We had just lost my mom, and my dad had a fall and could no longer live independently. The warmth of the staff took us both in; it just felt right! We had visited many retirement facilities, and this was the first one that felt like home. His whole life changed at 84, but thanks to the staff at the Arms, he was able to make the change. We knew he was in a safe community and that he had the support of the staff when we were not there. That gave me peace of mind.Judy Peterson – Berwyn, Illinois
  • My family was concerned about my mother’s ability to feel comfortable living in an senior independent living environment. However, all of our fears were assuaged when we met the caring staff at Oak Park Arms. We realized that she would be living a much more full and engaging life at the Arms as compared to living alone in Tucson, AZ. The Arms’ professionals graciously assisted us with her cross-country move, and helped us identify doctors and social workers. The staff made sure her room was professionally cleaned and painted (her choice of colors). Since her arrival, we have witnessed a remarkable change in my mother’s physical and mental health. From daily exercises with Issac in the gym and trips around Oak Park in the Arms’ van to weaving her own purses on the  looms  in the Lifelong Learning Center. We are pleased to see my mother thriving. Much of her progress can be attributed to the staff at the Arms and the rich calendar of activities and resources made available to residents. Thank you!Annie Swingen – Chicago, Illinois
  • I have lived at the Oak Park Arms for the past three months, and I am really impressed. They call it assisted living and they “do” assist you. Lena is a wiz, and I don’t think she does anything wrong. Markita is just wonderful. Although I am a devout coward and a born again hysteric, I feel safe here. Also I should mention how great it is to work with Zola and Verneesha who are very nice. I am grateful to Danielle who helped me to use the computer  even though I am computer illiterate. I should thank Doreen, too, who is doing my laundry correctly, and she always returns it quickly. Karen is terrific and takes my meal orders and delivers them to me. She is always upbeat and happy. The food tastes so good here, you can tell it is fresh and of good quality. When I was staying in the nursing home, I had such a hard time with my meals, it was very upsetting. First their portions were so small I was hungry all the time and the food tasted like it was all over processed. Even the fruit was from a can! At the Arms I have been eating better food at regular times, and I get to choose what I like to eat. My blood sugar has been under control since I moved here, and I am sure that my meals have a lot to do with it. I am very happy with everyone at the Oak Park Arms, and I just think this is such a beautiful place to live. Thank you so much.Susanna Walsh – Forest Park, Illinois
  • As an 82-year-old woman with very poor balance, I set a fitness goal for myself when I moved into the Oak Park Arms: I have attended every Yoga and bodyworks class offered. Meditation and relaxation have become an important part of my balance regime, and through Yoga lessons, I have experienced a reduction of my frequent anxiety attacks. I thank you, and my balance and body thanks you. For the skills acquired, I add even more gratitude.Nancy Elsmo – Oak Park, Illinois
  • I was living in a two bedroom condo in downtown La Grange for four years, one block from the library. I had great neighbors, mostly younger with dogs and a few ‘senior citizens’ who did not mingle. I knew that it was time to make a change. I contacted retirement homes and decided the Arms had exactly what I wanted: assisted living if I need it, many activities, books delivered from Oak Park Library, casual dress, transportation to shopping, hospitals, doctors, etc. My sister, Doris, moved into the Arms and received assisted living services. I was very happy to become her neighbor in 2002!Mikki Reinhold – La Grange, Illinois
  • I visited a couple other retirement communities, and the atmosphere at the Oak Park Arms was completely different. When you enter you feel like you have room to walk; it really is comfortable. I moved in at the end of May in 2002, and I have always liked it. I have adjusted very well and get along with everyone here. I made friends easily and still eat dinner every night in the Georgian Room Restaurant with a group of friends I made over the years.Hank Haws – Hinsdale, Illinois
  • As you know my uncle died recently. We were able to bring him home to his apartment (at the Oak Park Arms) to die under home hospice care. This was a good thing. He enjoyed the light and airy apartment. He was able to get visitors from New Mexico and Kentucky during his final days at home.Tom B. – Oak Park, Illinois

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