Golden Age of Radio

Radio reenactment at Oak Park Arms on the WGN-TV NewsThey’ve been acting together for years, but the day to day stresses of work and life have kept them out of the theater. 10 years ago, Pam Turlow and her husband Ben Dooley saw an opportunity.

After her father had checked into the Oak Park Arms Retirement Community, they thought about putting on a show. It him them – radio.

They’ve been performing live versions of classic radio programs at the Arms since 2002. Calling themselves Those Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear, the group is comprised of actors and directors the couple has known for years. All volunteer their services to bring joy to the residents and general public – taking them back to a simpler time when people gathered around the family radio.

The group pulls out all of the stops, including the finest in sound effects. A sheet of metal makes thunder, coconuts simulate horse hooves marching on pavement, and an air gun blowing into a microphone makes wind. It’s as much fun to watch as it is to listen to.

By Marcus Leshock