Oak Park Arms
Assisted Living for Seniors at the Oak Park Arms Retirement Community

Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

Oak Park Arms

Although they share similar goals and often have services in common, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are very different. The choice depends on a person's medical needs, mental state, and personal requirements. He or she might enjoy the independence of assisted living with customized care based on personal needs or he or she might require the constant hospital-like care of a nursing home.

Assisted living facilities such as the Oak Park Arms are places where seniors live in a residential community with some customizable personal care services available such as assistance with activities of daily living (i.e. showering, dressing assistance, medication reminders / management). Residents have a lot of freedom and choices. Assisted living facilities tend to feel more home-like and less institutional. At the Oak Park Arms meals are served in a restaurant with a menu of more than 40 choices. The cost typically includes monthly rent, plus fees depending on other services needed.


Nursing homes offer medical care, skilled nursing care, and oversight 24 hours a day. They are more like hospitals, delivering care to frail seniors. Nursing Homes serve as permanent residences for people who are too frail or sick to live at home because of physical, emotional or mental problems. Residents typically share a room and are served meals in a central dining area unless they are too ill to participate. Nursing home costs are considerably more than assisted living costs.